3G European Cargo Securing Competence Centre

The 3G European Cargo Securing Competence Centre is an exercising, training and testing complex that works around the topic of Cargo Securing and Traffic Safety. In terms of traffic, it is favourably situated in the middle of Germany, in Fulda. It is the first complex of its kind in the field of Cargo Securing and Transport Security.

In the 3G Competence Centre, everything revolves around effective ways of securing cargo. On a total surface of 15,000 m2, with among others six seminar rooms, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Participants are shown simple but effective ways of ensuring safe cargo transport and avoiding serious accidents. Apart from theoretical principles, the center also offers dynamic test drives on our test tracks and practical illustrations. On our vast open space, we use open vehicles to reproduce the effects of insufficient cargo securing, and we show how much security can be offered by e.g. an anti-slip mat. Another main area is the research and testing capability of our site. Both participants and manufacturers but also transport companies have the opportunity to test and examine their securing cargo methods, to check whether these comply with the standards, and to see how they could be optimized. Visitors can also develop the security concepts that are most suitable for their specific situation. One of the center’s highlights is its 10 ton overhead crane in the test hall, which is used for the upcoming security tests. Furthermore, the hall provides space for an entire articulated lorry, allowing for realistic and practical teaching and testing.

What also distinguishes the 3G Competence Centre, is the combined competence of more than 650 professional consultants specialized in cargo securing. Furthermore, the center cooperates with testing organizations such as EUROSAFE, Fraunhofer, IDH, TUL-LOG, DEKRA, TÜV and GTÜ, and supports the development of new, future-oriented products. This makes the Competence Centre an ideal place to train employees and for the continued education of executives and consultants. Joint training courses increase the sensibility of each topic, and views can be easily exchanged. For example, the seminars for executives also focus on the legal consequences of insufficient cargo securing methods.

Due to its multifaceted and comprehensive trainings as well as the opportunities it offers in the field of testing and examining, the 3G European Competence Centre for Cargo Securing significantly contributes to our road traffic safety.