Luftpolster Standard zwischen Paletten eines Baustoffmarktes Staupolster zwischen zwei IBC Containern im Kofferaufbau Standard Luftpolster zwischen Sonderaufbau im Koffer Gesicherte Ladeeinheiten aus Kartons gesichert durch Stausäcke

Airbag "Standard" 2400 x 1200 mm with Turbo valve

SKU: 235-1382104
Airbags for being used in normal and less challenging application conditions with interstices of up to 400 mm, for these cases we offer our standard model, which is, however, tailored to your specifications individually in our premises with different formats and versions. The airbag consists of 2 layers, one outer layer out of coated polypropylene materials and one inner layer out of PE blown film (air chamber). The pad is made with a flexible tube valve for being used only once.
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Advantages of the product
  • Effective securing of your cargo in containers, goods wagons or shipping space
  • Prevent falling, sliding or tipping over of cargo
  • Universally usable for container loading, during transport by ship, truck and goods wagons
  • Absorption of shocks and pressures to pallets and fragile cargo.
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Technical properties
Material PE-Folie (150 µ) & PP-Bändchengewebe (150 g/m²)
Intended purpose Nonreturnable
Valve One-way valve (Turbo)
Model two layers
Colour white
Length in mm 2.400
Width in mm 1.200
Product Description


  • Consists of 2 layers, one outer layer out of coated polypropylene materials and one inner layer out of PE blown film (air chamber).
  • The stowage backs can be placed between pallets and container walls and efficiently dampen shocks and pressures of the pallets.
  • Versatile! Stowage bags are suitable for container loading, for transports via ships and trucks as well as for goods wagons and for export worldwide.
  • Fill gaps in your truck or containers in a form-closed way and in doing so, secure the cargo easily but in an effective way.
  • You fill the airbag by means of an air pistol halfway and place it between the individual parcel goods in the truck or the container. Then, they will be completely filled with air.
  • Equipped with one-way valve
  • Version with two layers for interstices of 50 mm up to 400 mm
  • Material: Polyethylene foil (PE) with 150 µm, polypropylene materials (PP) with 155 g/m²

Colour: white

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