Anti-Rutsch-Pad MT "Classic" 100 x 100 x 8 mm (500 Stück) Anti-Rutsch-Pad MT Classic 100x100x8mm Ladungsicherung mit Antirutschmatte und Zurrgurt

Anti-slip pad MT "Classic" 100x100x8mm

SKU: 205-13702260200
For pallets with higher weights, uneven vehicle floors, machines, heavy steel parts and other heavy loads. These anti-slip pads of the quality MT "Classic" are suitable for multiple usage and meet the requirements according to the VDI Guideline 2700 Sheet 15. The test with original cargo on the trailer was executed by the Institute Fraunhofer IML Dortmund.
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Anti-slip pad MT "Classic" 100x100x8mm is available for purchase in increments of 200
Minimum order: 200 units
Advantages of the product
  • Optimal geeignet für Paletten mittleren Gewicht und unebenen Fahrzeugböden.
  • Erhöhte Gleitreibbeiwerte - Ihr Plus an Sicherheit!
  • Preiswerte Antirutschmatte aus hochwertigem PU-gebundenem Sekundärkautschukgranulat. Für die Mehrfachverwendung geeignet.
  • optimale Ergänzung zum Niederzurren in Kombination mit Spanngurten und Kantenschützern.
  • geprüfte und zertifizierte Reibwerte nach VDI Richtlinie VDI 2700 Blatt 15
  • Geprüfte Sicherheit - Made in Germany
  • Gerne fertigen wir Antirutschmatten individuell auf Ihre Bedürfnisse an! Sprechen Sie mir unseren kompetenten Mitarbeiten. Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter.
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Technical properties
Material PU-gebundenem Gummigranulat
Sliding friction coefficient* µ = 0.7
Pressure load (t/m²) 200
Tolerances DIN 7715 Teil 5/P3, ± 3,00%
Colour black
Length in mm 100
Width in mm 100
Thickness in mm 8
Packaging unit 200 Stück
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Product Description


  • PU-bound rubber granule mat MT "Classic" of high quality made of pure caoutchouc.
  • Pressure capacity tested at: 30% indentation of ARM thickness = 2.00 N/mm² (equals 200 t/m²)
  • Average friction coefficient μ = 0.7 as intermediate layer wooden Euro-pallet and load area (used silkscreen floor) on dry and broom-clean vehicle floor.

Note: This friction coefficient is only valid for our quality MT "Classic". Products of inferior quality with little bonding agent and coarse granules (e.g. 4-8 mm) do not reach this value.

  • Suitable for multiple use. According to the VDI Guideline 2700 et seq., anti-slip materials (ASM) have to be tested by an independent institute. Then, they may be used to until the discard state (VDI 2700 Sheet 15).
  • We would be delighted to advise you for other applications! Most of our anti-slip mats are tested with the friction partners Euro-pallets, lattice boxes or paper reels and used silkscreen floor. Please contact us!



According to the VDI Guideline 2700 et seq, the cargo may in no place be in direct contact with the vehicle floor. Only in this case, the determined friction coefficients are valid.

Our friction coefficients are determined in an elaborated manner in a "live test" with original loading goods on the trailer. In our test certificate you will find exact details for standard applications (e.g. under Euro-pallets), regarding what size the anti-slip pad has and how many anti-slip pads have to be place under the loading goods in order to being able to arithmetically attribute the indicated friction coefficient.

In case of test certificates based on laboratory values you will usually find details on material thicknesses of the tested anti-slip mat only, and no details on dimensions of the anti-slip mat or the anti-slip pad.
In this case, you have to use a sufficient number of anti-slip mats under your load, in order to exclude its direct contact with the vehicle floor or you use an anti-slip mat throughout the loading area. Only in this case, the requirements of the VDI Guideline 2700 et seq. are met.

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