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Approach buffer Bulli-B 140, 2nd Choice

SKU: 105-584103030027-2Q
Rubber buffer / approach buffer 500x250x140 mm made of high-quality new rubber. Rubber impact buffer for the following fields of application: Dock levellers (e.g. Crawford Hafa, Koch, Meerhoff, Novoferm), ramps or loading ramps. Rubber buffer out of weather-resistant EPDM rubber.

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Technical properties
Length in mm 500
Width in mm 250
Height in mm 140
Fields of application Ramps, Levellers
Manufacturers of levellers Arnold, Crawford, Dyna-Seal, Hafa, Koch, Lepschi, Meerhoff, Novoferm new, Trebel
Hole spacing in mm 250
Hole diameter (Ø) in mm 62
Product Description


  • suitable for dock levellers of the type Crawford Hafa, Dyna-Seal, Hafa, Koch, Meerhoff, Novoferm, Trebel etc.
  • Rubber buffer, vulcanised EPDM new rubber
  • perfectly suitable for approaching loading ramps, ramps, loading bays and dock levellers
  • excellent protection of vehicles and building
  • environmentally friendly (no PVC), very durable and shock-absorbing
  • durable, quality products (of OEM quality) and still affordable
  • in the animation on the right, you can see the mode of action of the approach buffer for dock levellers "Bulli-B"

For it can be like this as well...

  • You will find a lot of trash on the market nowadays that has nothing to do with a decent rubber pad or only has a fraction of a decent bumper's service life.
  • We had an affordable "Bulli-B" 500x250x140 mm approach bumper tested in a laboratory. It was also black, looked as rubber, had a Shore scale hardness of 90° ShA (concrete has a hardness of 100° ShA), but its fracture strain was no longer measurable. It was sold was an original spare part.
  • You should hold your deliverer accountable for damages to buildings and vehicles resulting from such poor performances.
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