Zurrpunkt-Set bestehend aus Automotiv-Fitting und Zurrplatte Produktfoto von Automotiv-Airlinefitting KERL 500 Zurrplatte in schwarz eloxierter Ausführung Frontansicht einer schwarzen Zurrplatte Technische Zeichnung des Automotiv-Airlineschienenfitting KERL 500 Technische Zeichnung der Zurrplatte für Automotiv-Fittinge KERL 500

Automotive Fitting - KERL 500, lashing point set

SKU: 217-111310275SET
Set consisting of Automotive Fitting KERL 500 and a black, anodized round lashing plate.
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Advantages of the product
  • easy handling
  • high safety and compatibility
  • suitable for all airline lashing straps
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Technical properties
Material verzinkter Stahl mit Kunststoff-Retainer / Aluminium
Loading capacity in daN 500
Breaking force in daN 1000
Length in mm 41
Width in mm 26
Height in mm 76
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Product Description


The Automotive Fitting lashing point set consists of an airline rail end fitting KERL 500 and a black anodized lashing plate out of aluminum:

  • Automotive Fitting made of galvanised steel with plastic retainer
  • Applicable as joining mean between lashing straps and airline rails ensuring strong hold as it is attached to the airline rail in a grid point.
  • Tested according to DIN 12195-2 with loading capacity under direct pull of up to 500 daN, depending on the version of the airline rail and the surface mounting.
  • Maximum breaking force of 1000 daN
  • Lashing plate made of aluminum, black, anodized, for subsequent installation in the vehicle.
  • Equipped with grid points for attachment of fittings.
  • Fixed by means of two countersunk bolts according to ISO 27956, with a loading capacity of up to 1000 daN.
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