Black-Cat Luchs Rolle 13.800 x 200 x 2,5 mm Produktfoto von Black-Cat Luchs Anti-Rutsch-Rolle 13.800 x 200 x 2,5 mm Bild der Anti-Rutsch-Rolle Black-Cat Luchs 13.800 x 200 x 2,5 mm

Black-Cat Lynx anti-slip reel 13,800 x 200 x 2.5 mm

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The newly developed anti-slip mag Black Cat "Lynx" is the first anti-slip mat free of plasticizers. A lightweight with TOP sliding friction coefficients. The new anti-slip mat "BLACK CAT LYNX" is currently being tested by means of hard endurance tests for universal application in the field of cargo securing, securing of airfreight as well as storage and logistics. They are certified according to the latest VDI Regulations (VDI 2700) and the latest laws for securing loads by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund.
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Advantages of the product
  • high sliding friction coefficients at a low dead weight
  • plasticizer-free anti-slip mat
  • universally applicable in many areas
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Technical properties
Sliding friction coefficient* µ = 0.8
Length in mm 13.800
Width in mm 200
Thickness in mm 2,5
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Product Description


  • made of a newly developed special fibre composite (viscose, acrylate polyester and polypropylene), highly tear.proof
  • 100 % free of toxic substances and silicone, free of CFC, free of plasticizers
  • free of formaldehyde and toxic heavy metals
  • unrivalled slip-resistance in many fields of application
  • tested according to the VDI Guideline Sheet 14 by Fraunhofer IML with the friction partners Euro-wooden pallet/used silkscreen floor with Joloda rails with a sliding friction coefficient of μ = 0.8
  • sticks as if glued
  • lightweight anti-slip mat (only 1/10 of the weight of rubber recycling mats)
  • can be used several times after having been cleaned and dried
  • according to a test by DEKRA, X times higher breaking force than rubber recycling mats (256N)
  • easily to dispose in domestic waste instead of hazardous waste
  • with a weight of only 530 g/m² of the lightest closed anti-slip mats
  • no migration of ions is possible due to the plasticizer-free construction.
  • Perfectly fitting cut with scissors or knives, highly tear-proof and extremely durable
  • free of formaldehyde and toxic heavy metals as well as toxic substances and without silicone, free of CFC and plasticizers
  • Grammage of ca.500 g/m² 
    according to DIN EN 12127
  • temperature-resistant from -40 to +100°C
  • Self-ignition point > 250°C,
    no danger of explosion
  • very good biological resistance
  • good resistance against acids and lyes
  • resistant against oil, petrol and diesel
  • fully washable at up to 60° with commonly available mild detergents, disposable via domestic waste
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