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Black Cat mobile phone mat

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Anti-slip mat BLACK CAT is a flexible, high-quality anti-slip material (asm) which sticks to any smooth surface without adhesives or mounting systems. BLACK CAT can be used everywhere, on the boat, in the caravan or on the plane. Objects stick to it.
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Technical properties
Sliding friction coefficient* µ = 1.00
Tolerances DIN 7715 Teil 5/P3, ± 3,00%
Length in mm 250
Width in mm 200
Thickness in mm 3,8
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Product Description


  • Made of PES support fabric and PVC flexible foam coating
  • The anti-slip mats stick in almost any situation - without being adhered - on almost any material
  • The Black Cat anti-slip mat sticks on both sides up to an inclination of 60°
  • High sliding friction value of μ = 0.70 up to 1.00* depending on the friction partner and the surface pressure.
  • Free from formaldehyde and toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, free from silicone.
  • Completely washable up to 60° with commonly available mild detergent
  • Temperature resistant from -25°C up to +50°C, hardly inflammable
  • Very good biological resistance
  • Good resistance against acids and lyes
  • Resistant against oil, petrol and diesel
  • Perfectly fitting cut with scissors, highly tear-proof and extremely durable

Place your objects like your mobile phone, keys, pencils, sun glasses, door opener remote control, wallet, etc.) on your mobile phone mat and all of them will stick to the mat as if by magic. Even in sharp turns and when breaking strongly, they will not move a millimetre. The mobile phone mat is a flexible pad of superior quality which sticks to any suitable place of the dashboard or any other slippery surface, without any adhesive of fixing system. The mobile phone mat can be used everywhere, on the boat, in the caravan, on the train or on the plane. All objects placed onto the mobile phone mat will stick to it. By means of BLACK CAT, you ensure that your objects are kept in PLACE!

Application note

We point out to a possible plasticizer movement. Please observe the processing and care instructions supplied with each delivery!

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