Antirutschmatte Black-Cat Tiger die absolute Nr. 1 für HighTech-Lösungen im Schwerlastbereich Antirutschmatte Black-Cat Tiger mit 3mm Stärke

Black-Cat Tiger anti-slip mat 4,000 x 120 x 3 mm

SKU: 205-110467405
The newly developed anti-slip mat Black Cat "Tiger" solves tricky problems in heavy haulage up to 500 t/m². Most difficult transportation of heaviest tracked vehicles, of wind power stations and transport of huge steel, aluminum or stainless steel parts are now easily possible! Utmost quality and its unique characteristics make the anti-slip mat Black Cat Tiger the top market leader in Europe. They are certified according to the latest VDI Regulations (VDI 2700) and the latest laws for securing loads by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund.
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Technical properties
Sliding friction coefficient* µ = 0.6
Pressure load (t/m²) 500
Length in mm 4.000
Width in mm 120
Thickness in mm 3
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Product Description


  • Manufactured through a multi-layer structure with a newly developed carrying layer inside.
  • unrivalled slip-resistance in many fields of application
  • lightweight anti-slip mat (only 1/10 of the weight of rubber recycling mats)
  • can be used several times after having been cleaned and dried
  • can be cleaned by means of a hot water steam cleaner up to 60°C
  • Maximum pressure load of up to 500 t/m² 
  • Certification according to the latest VDI Regulations (VDI 2700)
  • High sliding friction coefficients of the anti-slip mats in a practical test (1,000 kg) with the friction partner Euro wooden pallet and new silkscreen floor (dry and broom-clean) tested by the Fraunhofer Institute IML in Dortmund:

Friction coefficient  
Average value µ = 0,6

  • Unrivalled breaking force according to Fraunhofer Institute IML in Dortmund:

Measurement of a thickness of 3 mm:  
Average value 874 N

Measurement of a thickness of 6 mm:  
Average value 1,587 N



  • Temperature-resistant from -40 to +120°C
  • Melting temperature of approximately 250°C
  • Self-ignition point 350°C
  • Thickness tolerance according to DIN 7715 P3
  • Resistant against strong bases 
  • Conditionally resistant against ozone and acid
  • Not resistant against oil and petrol
  • Antistatic - specific contact resistance according to VDE 0303-30:1993 <1 MegaOhm  * cm
  • Very good biological resistance, disposal via domestic waste

Application note

  • The highly tear-proof heavy duty anti-slip mat Black Cat Tiger is sprayed with special oil and equipped with masking paper due to handling problems. Please clean it with acetone or isopropyl alcohol before using it for the first time.
  • The underground must be free of dirt and oil in order to reach a maximum slip resistance.
  • Before each use, it is recommended to clean both the heavy duty anti-slip mat Black Cat Tiger and the surface with a hot water steam cleaner (up to 80°C) and subsequently dry them! As a result of this necessary care, the characteristics of the Black Cat Tiger anti-slip mat are able to develop their full potential again
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