PE Monofilgewebe in grün Detailansicht eines grünen PE-Monofils Technische Zeichnung Typ 2 Zeichnung der PE-Pritschenplane
LaSi nach VDI 2700 Blatt 3.3

Body tarp out of PE-Monofil-fabric in green

SKU: 220-68099201PG221
This body tarp made of a breathable PE-Monofil is shaped in form of a lid. The standard lid height in this case is 15 cm. The dimensions you enter are the ones of the loading bed (clear measurements + possibly 1 cm). Due to its exact fit, the covers are suitable for platform vehicles, in which goods are stowed up to side plate height, as for example ladders, tools or other small items. With its weight of 220 g/m² it is pleasantly light, soft, very robust and of course, it has a DEKRA certificate. PE-Monofil cover as finely woven alternative to our well-known body cover nets.
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Shipping Costs: €8.21 Incl. Tax ²
Delivery time: ca. 2-3 weeks
Minimum order: 1 units
Advantages of the product
    • Certified by DEKRA
    • made to measure
    • easy and fast securing of the load

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You have the fully individual option to compose your own net. Please indicate its length and width. But note that the minimum surface is 1 m².  If you order a net with a surface of less than 5 m², a surcharge of 100 % on the net value of the goods will be added. Moreover, a net surcharge of € 3,50 (gross surcharge of € 4,17) will be added for any order under a net value of € 25 ( gross value of € 29,75).

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Technical properties
Remark Sonderfertigung - Bestellung verpflichtet zur Abnahme.
Grammage in g/m² 220
Version Ladungssicherungsnetz
Colour green
Length in cm custom
Width in cm custom
Loosened ca. every 40 cm
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Product Description


    • Manufactured out of a PE-Monfil, permeable to air. Eyelets every 40 cm and equipped with a rubber cord
    • good foldability and soft fabric
    • Grammage ca. 220g/m²
    • With incorporated angles and a lid height of 15 cm
    • DEKRA certificate
    • Standard lid height of 15 cm The dimensions you enter are the ones of the loading bed (clear measurements + possibly 1 cm). Please take further data from the drawing

    Special requests for the model of the cover, such as: Recesses, turn locks etc. are possible upon request. Please contact us in this regard.

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This cargo securing product is compliant with the newest VDI regulation 2700 page 3.3 and thus suitable as a cargo securing tool in road traffic.

More information about the new VDI regulation 2.700, page 3.3 can be found here.

Compliant with CDI 2700 police trowel