Cabinets for gas bottles

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Gas bottle safety cabinets: indispensable for safe transport of gas bottles.  

Generally the load securing topic should never be taken lightly. However, when it comes to transport and storage of gas bottles, it must be taken particularly carefully. To this end, the regulatory authorities have promulgated the Regulations for the Conveyance of Hazardous Goods by Road (GGVS). The respective regulations have to be observed under all circumstances, and those who fail to comply with them have to face severe sanctions. Our gas bottle safety cabinets meet all the official requirements and offer you the ultimate security. The gas bottle safety cabinets come in different sizes and are extremely efficient, since thanks to the consistent corrosion protection their service life is long. 

Inexpensive to purchase and versatile in use.

Our gas bottle safety cabinets are characterized by advantageous price and variable deployment methods. You can assembly it quite simply by yourself upon delivery since the single components have been preassembled. Upon completion the gas bottle security cabinet may be mounted on a wall, however, upon request, also an appropriate back panel is available. Furthermore we also have models suitable for camping and construction sites available which can be free standing. Generally, our gas bottle safety cabinets have as a standard lockable dog bolt or barrel locks. Unauthorized use, theft or even damage may be in this way nearly excluded. Should you still have specific question about our gas bottle safety cabinets, please feel free to contact our consultation hotline. You are also welcome to dial our hotline number when you require a specially designed cabinet. Upon request we can offer you individual cabinet sizes.

High-performance workmanship and extremely robust.

Gas bottle security cabinet must withstand a lot in the case of a fall. Therefore, our product range only includes the models that comply with the highest quality requirements and are made of first-class zinc-plated steel. Regular quality inspections are obvious with regard to this product. You must have your butane or propane gas bottle secured accordingly and consequently, you avoid not only high fine but may also save life in certain situations. Our tip is that you may still reduce our already advantageous prices if you order more models from us. You will find detailed information on the respective minimum delivery volume in the respective product description.

Benefit from our advantageous conditions.

Starting from goods net value of EUR 150.00, delivery is free of shipping costs. Our gas bottle protection cabinets are almost always ready for delivery within one to two weeks and are packed transport save before shipping. Upon a potential road traffic control, you will risk no sanction and, furthermore you will protect the lives of your employees thanks to our high-quality gas bottle safety cabinets of top quality.