We manufacture various special types of cargo securing products

On “Ladungssicherung.eu”, you can also order special tailor-made products. In case you have any special needs, we would like to ask you to contact us via our contact form or by phone. Anti-slip mats are indispensable in the field of cargo securing, because they are easy to use and provide a high level of security at a low cost. Moreover, they help you significantly reduce the number of lashing belts. In our online shop, we have various sizes of anti-slip mats on offer. However, due to the special type of goods they work with, some companies also need special-size products. We can manufacture these for you in individual sizes and special colours. Moreover, it is possible for you to cooperate with us in the production of mats that need to have a company logo printed or written on them for example. Nets for bulky goods are very popular in the world of cargo securing as well. To allow you to lash down your cargo, we can also offer you tailor-made nets in the colour you prefer.

Tailor-made lashing belts and lashing rails in special sizes, colours and with various fittings

Lashing straps are an essential part of cargo securing. They are woven and made of polyester and have a buckle to attach them to the load. They are available on “Ladungssicherung.eu” in various widths, lengths and with various degrees of strength. But we can also provide you with tailor-made lashing straps for your individual needs. We can also combine your personal wishes as to the length, width and colours of the straps with various fittings, such as double claw hooks, snap hooks, rave hooks, D-rings, oblong hole lashing fittings, single-stud fittings, triangular hooks, side plate holders or double-stud fittings. You can also select your own ratchet type: we can manufacture lashing straps with pressure ratchets, ergonomic long-lever ratches, wedge locks and industrial ratches for you. Lashing rails are just as important for cargo securing as are lashing straps. You will them in almost every vehicle, and they are an essential part of many system solutions. Evidently, we also manufacture lashing rails in the lengths you need.

Rubber pads and special-size hoisting belts and round slings

Impact buffers can protect ramps, trucks and levellers against damages. On “Ladungssicherung.eu”, you will find various versions that will definitely be suited for your needs. In case you need special-size rubber pads, however, we are happy to adapt them for you. The same holds for rubber metal buffers and parts. 

When lifting loads, good quality is mainly needed for hoisting belts and round slings. We can offer you this quality up to 40 tons and in your own personal lengths. Contact us via email or via our contact form if you have any such personal needs. We will be happy to assist you on the phone as well.