Increase the loading surface in your box vehicles with a double decker system

There are goods that present a challenge as far as the ideal way of filling the loading space is concerned. Ready-made packages on pallets, for instance, can often not be stacked. In the case of such goods, the inner space is quickly occupied, and you will have to plan additional transport runs due to the lack of space, although the maximum permissible payload of the vehicle has not been reached by far. We evidently have a solution for this problem as well: on “”, we offer you a system with which an additional loading level can be created in your box vehicle. This system saves you time and money by significantly contributing to the volume optimization. Another advantage: the system meets the requirements of the German Food Hygiene Regulation, which, especially in the case of box vehicles, is very important, as they are preferably used for the transport of food products.

Additional loading beams in the inner space that also help securing the cargo

The additional loading level is created by double decker system rails that put the loading beams in the right height. The guide rails that are needed for that, can evidently also be used for all other applications, e.g. with lashing belts and load securing nets or locking beams. For positioning purposes, the loading beams should form step-like differences in altitude because this way, the pallets on the second level is prevented from shifting. As such, this system even supports you in meeting your cargo securing challenges. If the loading beams are not needed, these can be easily positioned under the ceiling within a few seconds without, taking up any valuable storage space. Or you can use the locking beams and apply them specifically for loading purposes on the lower level.

Your tailored solution

The guide rails are available in wide-ranging variations, and depending on the nature and the purpose of the installation, still other rail profiles can be mounted. These can be riveted, screwed or pasted. Moreover, they can be superimposed onto or fitted into the side walls. When pasted, especially optimized models guarantee a safe connection of both components to each other. 

On “”, we have even more solutions on offer for your box vehicle: systems for an additional loading level in the inner space and systems that secure rolling containers, or flexibly applicable locking beams that can be shifted after every partial unloading. Please contact us to find out what is the suitable solution for your loading challenge. Our consulting team will be happy to be of assistance! You can reach us via our contact form, and evidently via phone or email as well.