Edge protection plate out of solid plate 200 x 100 mm

SKU: 210-83020010010
This edge protection out of a durable solid plate with 2 slotted holes to pull the belts through protects the sensitive edges of your cargo when flexibility is needed and a rigid edge protection bracket is no longer sufficient. Protects the lashing strap from sharp-edged elements. No discoloration on the cargo. Suitable for heavy loads.
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Advantages of the product
  • 100% Qualität - 100% Sicherheit - Von der Materialauswahl bis zum Endkontrolle. High Tech und Handmade in ausgewogener Balance.
  • Schäden können mit einem richtig platzierten und passgenauen Kantenschutzwinkel verhindert werden. Kantenschützer und Kantenschutzwinkel dienen zum Schützen, Stabilisieren, Verstärken, Stapeln und Standardisieren Ihrer Verpackung.
  • Für den privaten sowie gewerblichen Bereich geeignet.
  • Eine optimale Ladungssicherung erreichen Sie durch den Einsatz von rutschhemmenden Materialien (z. B. Antirutschmatten) in Kombination mir Kantenschützer und Spanngurten(Zurrgurten). Gerne helfen unsere kompetenten Mitarbeiter Ihnen bei Fragen weiter.
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Technical properties
Permitted webbing width in mm 25, 35, 50
Colour multi-coloured
Length in mm 200
Width in mm 100
Thickness in mm 10
Product Description


  • Very durable solid plate out of foamed plastics from the automotive industry
  • with the quality characteristics of rubber - pliable, flexible, elastic and tear-resistant
  • adapts to any shape of the load
  • protects the sensitive edges of your cargo when flexibility is needed and an edge protection bracket is no longer sufficient
  • also perfectly suitable as vibration damper
  • available in different Shore-hardnesses (40° to 90° Shore A) in the colour brown, black, white
  • other colours upon request
  • protects the lashing strap even in case of sharp-edged cargo (e.g. steel parts)
  • our massive plate is also available with polished or smooth surface
  • the smooth surface enhances the deflection factor "K" for tie-down
  • Application field: For cargo securing of concrete elements, wooden parts, machinery, machine components and steel parts for example, outside of a 90° angle or as protection for the lashing strap against sharp-edged cargo.
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