Individual grid systems in vans

In the field of cargo securing, you are confronted with various situation on a daily basis: in the morning, the goods are stacked up to the ceiling, and in the afternoon, there are only a few packages left in the loading space. As the person in charge, you still have to guarantee an ideal way of securing those goods in every situation. A grid system is one of the basic securing systems in the field of cargo securing. Evidently, you will find it on “”. It is flexible, secure, light and cheap, which also makes it universally applicable in every loading space. If you use a grid, it is important to determine whether the loading space is full or only half-full; the securing grid can hold various goods in their place thanks to the circumferential grid belt and can secure every filling height. Another advantage is that you can combine grid systems with locking beams to form intelligent loading space partition walls.

Configure your individual grid

As different as your goods may be, the grid can vary as well. On the one hand, the net size is important, depending on the vehicle size. We have prepared standard sizes for you, as well as the option to sew a net in special sizes. To determine the ideal size, you should know the size of your vehicle and the height of your cargo. On the other hand, depending on the size of your goods, the mesh size as well as the right strap is important. You are free to select any strap colour. Finally, you need to select the suitable end fitting and the suitable lock. Now, your individual grid is ready!

Make a partition wall in your van with a net

A net system can be used to make a flexible partition wall in your loading space. You attach the net to “5x7” locking beams that can be brought into the right position using floor and ceiling rails. Then, you can easily shift this resilient partition wall back and forth, depending on the specific situation in your loading space. Another option is a permanent space partition by means of a net system. To this end, just attach the net fitting to the van's floor and ceiling rails, and you have a permanent partition in your van.

On “”, we can offer you other interesting system solution. Don't hesitate to contact is via our contact form, by phone or via email if you have any questions or if you need advice. We will be happy to be of assistance.