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Lashing strap 50mm with long-lever ratchet

SKU: 230-322213511
Two-piece lashing strap, manufactured according to EN 12195-2. Made of a 50mm webbing including fittings of your choice and ERGO long-lever ratchet. You can configure your lashing strap according to your individual needs and circumstances.
€21.06 Incl. Tax: ¹ €17.70 Excl. Tax: ¹
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  • from 10 pcs. €12.59 €10.58
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Shipping Costs: €8.21 Incl. Tax ²
Delivery time: ca. 2-3 weeks
Minimum order: 5 units
Advantages of the product
  • Stretching up to a maximum of 5%
  • Manufactured individually according to your needs, adapted to your circumstances.
  • Suitable for private and commercial use.
Buy 10 lashing straps and get Lashing-fix

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Technical properties
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Material Polyester (PES)
Type of lashing strap two piece
Type of ratchet ERGO Long-lever ratchet
Lashing force (straight tension) LC in daN 2500
Lashing force (strapping) LC in daN 5000
Preload force STF in daN 500
Manual force SHF in daN 50
Fixed end in mm 500
Belt width in mm 50
Product Description


  • Two-piece lashing strap according to EN 12195-2
  • Made of enforced and impregnated polyester (PES PU-coated)
  • Long-lever tensioning ratchet ERGO with a ratchet lever length of 295 mm with double gear rim and 18 notches and an end fitting of your choice
  • GS-label
  • Stretching up to a maximum of 5% according to DIN EN 12195-2
  • Cheap products have a stretching of up to 30%

If you want to fix your load with lashing straps, the long-lever tensioning ratchet ERGO significantly facilitates your work with utmost power transmission. Your goods remain in place during transport and will arrive at the location of loading/destination without being damaged and in full.

In contrast to common short-lever ratchets or pressure ratchets, the long-lever ratchet ERGO is pulled down when used. In doing so, a higher power transmission (STF) is reached and you can fix your goods more easily and quickly. At the same time, the long-lever tensioning ratchet ERGO is ergonomically adapted thanks to its pull movement. The greatest advantage of a long-lever tensioning ratchet is the higher preload force, which may be up to 100 per cent higher than for a pressure ratchet with a shorter lever.

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