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Lashing strap QuickAid

SKU: 230-6254511500
Lashing strap reel for fast rolling up lashing straps of up to 50 mm webbing width. A cheap and indispensable aid in the every day life of forwarding agencies and mail-order companies.
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Shipping Costs: €8.00 Incl. Tax ²
Delivery time: Item currently not available, a delivery period of more than 6 weeks is to be expected
Advantages of the product
    • The lashing strap will we rolled up as fast as lightning. In average, you will save one minute for rolling up of the lashing straps.
    • No more danger of stumbling due to lashing straps lying around
    • Extended service life of the lashing straps
Phone Support
+49 (661) 380 998 80
Available only during business hours
WhatsApp Support
+49 (1577) 3788884
Available only during business hours
Technical properties
Material Plastic
Colour blue
Length in mm 250
Width in mm 140
Height in mm 33
Approved by:
Product Description


    • Lashing strap reel out of unbreakable plastic.
    • Roll up device firmly integrated in the lashing strap.
    • Lightning fast winding of the belts without belt confusion.
    • The loose end can be taken away rolled up. Easy unrolling possible without any problems.
    • Extend the service life of your lashing straps by storing them in rolled up form.
    • Avoid operating accidents caused by lashing straps lying around.
    • No need to untie annoying knods.
    • Suitable for lashing straps of a webbing width of up to 50 mm and a maximum length of 12.0 m.
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