Logistics in box vehicles

Box vehicles are popular for transport of food products for instance. Both frozen food and dry cargo arrive safely at their destination. Cooled food is very sensitive, so the insulated packaging must be secured and preserved at all cost. Small damages quickly lead to ruptures in the cooling chain, and often cause bigger damages. Therefore, the transport systems must be developed in close cooperation with vehicle construction, so that no damages to the insulating walls can occur during installation. Therefore, the systems offered by us were especially developed for box vehicles, so that their load arrives safely at its destination. 

Securing rolling containers

In the transport business, securing rolling containers is very important, as the mobile racks significantly facilitate the loading and unloading process. On the road, however, they represent a safety risk because they are on wheels and can roll in all directions. A specific system with adjustable clamping levers in the sidewall rails are a simple solution to this problem: your rolling container can be fastened to the side wall in just one action. You can also use another system for rolling containers and pallets: high strength locking beams that can be flexibly adjusted to each depth of loaded goods. The locking beams are fastened to ceiling rails and can be shifted back and forth within the loading space. Despite their small weight, they have a locking power of up to 2000 daN.

Additional levels in the loading space

There are goods that are scarcely stackable or not stackable at all. In the case of such cargoes, the whole loading space is quickly occupied and additional transport runs need to be planned due to the lack of space. In our online shop, we offer you a system that creates a new loading level in your box vehicle. On this additional level, goods can be stored directly under the ceiling without taking up any valuable storage space. If a new level is needed, the plate can be slid down within a few seconds and be brought into the right height with centimeter precision in a perforated grid. For the transport of clothes, there is an ideal solution as well, which allows the goods to arrive at their destination unpacked and crease free. You can quickly convert your box vehicle into a rolling wardrobe by mounting suspension tubes, vertically or horizontally attached to punched rails. This way, you can use every square centimeter in your loading space.

Call us if you have any questions about the best way to secure your goods. We are happy to advise you and to look out with you for the system that suits you best. 

System for transport in rolling containers

Transport in rolling containers

Flowers, food products and leasing textiles are custom picked nowadays. But rolling containers are still a challenge in transportation.

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System for an additional loading level

Loading level system

Make full use of the loading space. Using this system, you can create an additional loading level and optimize the lading space used.

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Increase your loading volume using double decker systems

Double decker system

Picked bundles on pallets are hard to stack but need to arrive at the customer's unharmed. By using the double decker system, you can double the loading volume in your truck.

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Restraint system with locking bars for box vehicles

Restraint system

With our restraint system, you are always on the safe side. With the integrated system, you can secure pallets and rolling containers rearward in a form-fitting fashion.

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Clothes transport in box vehicles

Clothes transport system

Say goodbye to folding, packaging and repackaging clothes. With special our system, you can safely transport your clothes, trousers and shirts crease-free.

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