Logistics in Tarpaulin Lorries

Tarpaulin lorries are happily used around the world 24/7. For the optimal use of the loading space, there are various transportation and securing systems. A simple and efficient solution consists of locking beams that are permanently integrated in the ceiling rails and, this way, are always on board when they are needed. After every partial unloading, the beams are moved a little bit backwards in the loading space, and thus secure the remaining load when the journey continues. The beams are very light but still have a locking power of up to 2000 daN. If it happens that you do not need the beams, you can fold them up towards the ceiling. In this way, they do not take up any loading space that you might need for other goods. 

 A lashing bar and lasing beam system for various transportation purposes 

In this system, lashing bars are mounted to the sides of the tarpaulin lorry. They are permanently fastened and contain hundreds of anchor points. In this way, the narrow perforated grid allows for a form-fit securing of your cargo with centimetre precision and in a matter of just a few seconds. Depending on the specific cargo securing challenge, lashing belts, locking beams or locking bars are mounted to the side rails. In this way, you can easily achieve the segmentation of your loading space in the transverse or longitudinal direction, depending on which kind of goods you need to secure. Another advantage of this system is that you have to worry less about the right way of spreading the load and the axle weight.

Cargo securing for transportation tasks of any kind.

Flexible Cargo System - Securing

With our special cargo system, you can efficiently and safely solve every transportation task in a matter of just a few seconds. In this way, you can lay the foundation for any type of securing element.

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Double decker system for tarpaulin vehicles

Double decker system

Create an extra loading level using this system and double the number of pallet bays. Go about it in an economical and efficient way. Never again will you be faced with loading volumes lost.

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A variable restraint system for tarpaulin vehicles

Restraint system

Secure various load carriers. With a total locking power of 8.000 daN, virtually every load will remain in its place. Mineral water crates or whole pallets are no problem for this system.

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Double decker system for a second loading level in your tarpaulin lorry  

Many loads are bulky and occupy a lot of space within the loading area. The consequence is that you have to drive around in a lorry under the permissible payload. With a double decker system, you can simply create a second level and double your loading volume. For example, you can create 66 instead of 33 palleted storage spaces for euro pallets with this system. Another advantage is that the loading beams can also be used for form-fit securing of your cargo. With a double decker system, you can considerably increase your transportation volume and use it much more efficiently. 

Naturally, you will find all of the aforementioned systems on “Ladungssicherung.eu” in various versions. You will definitely find a solution that is specifically suited for your goods and that will considerably increase the security in your tarpaulin vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact our team of consultants!