Logistics in tarpaulin vehicles: create a second level using loading beams

There are bulky goods that will take up the whole loading surface, as it is impossible to load anything next to or on top of them. The consequence being that you have make additional distribution runs using a lorry under the permissible payload, you will mainly transport air below the tarpaulin in these cases. The solution can be a double decker system that consists of loading beams, allowing you to quickly and easily create a second level you can transport extra pallets on. Economically, this is much more efficient, as it reduces your operational and labour costs in view of the additional runs that you can afford to renounce. Instead, you can transport very different loads within one loading space. If you transport euro pallets, you can even double the number of loading spaces. 

Use beams for form-fit cargo securing 

The loading beams can also be used for form-fit load securing. This way, various transportation challenges can be met at once. If it happens that you do not need the beams, you can simply “park” them between the stakes. The loading beams will no longer occupy any valuable loading space that you can use for other goods. This way, it is possible to position 6 euro pallets per stake section, and the loading beams that are not needed can be ideally stowed between the stakes. You make full use of the loading space. If the distance between stakes is larger, you can also place the longitudinal beams in mounting brackets. This arrangement allows you to load goods from the side or from behind using the appropriate loading equipment.

 Configure you individual system  

The length of the longitudinal beams and the keyhole profile are tailor-made for you here in Germany. We offer you even more system for your tarpaulin vehicle. You can also secure the load with movable locking beams. And for box vehicles and vans, you will find a large number of useful systems in our online shop, which we would like to present to you in greater detail. Use our contact form and gather extensive advice from our team about which system is best suited for your logistics challenge. Evidently, you can call us or contact us via email. We are at your service at all times, and will be happy to answer your questions.