Logistics in vans

Especially in the case of vans, the requirements for flexible solutions in transportation are constantly rising: vans are mainly used for short distances with many intermediate stops. This is a big challenge, as the systems used must be both secure and universally applicable for the various load types. The development of more and more powerful assistance systems presses companies to innovate more in the realm of transportation systems. Moreover, the constantly rising safety regulations increase the requirements for secure logistical solutions. Vans are very popular for distribution runs, as, due to their manageable size and manoeuvrability, they are well suited to passing through narrow streets and passages. After all, the load must be sorted well and must be easily accessible in the loading space so that it can be easily found and distributed.

Flexible systems for various loads

In our shop, we offer you wide-ranging solutions to safely and flexibly stow your goods and to solve your logistics problems. A van restraint system secures your rolling containers, meshed containers or palleted goods using just two rails in the vehicle floor and ceiling and four locking beams in the loading space. Because of their low weight, the locking beams can be taken down in a matter of seconds and, if necessary, can be stowed in the vehicle. The Transsafe system will be the ideal solution if all goods need to remain accessible, because it allows for the quick and easy creation of two racks in the van's loading space using locking items and grids. This way, the deliverer can reach all packages at all times via an aisle. Another and very safe solution consists of nets that can be suspended over the load and attached to the floor. These have the advantage that the packages are safely secured, regardless of whether the loading space is full or only half-full.

Restraint system for vans

Restraint system for vans

Secure rolling containers, meshed containers and palleted goods. Every task is urgent and goods are sensitive. Master any transportation task using this system.

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Rack system for vans

Rack system

Send your packages today and your flat screen or fridge tomorrow. Secure your load during distribution and delivery runs. In a matter of just a few seconds, you can create a rack in your van.

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TransSAFE® go load securing system

TransSAFE® go

In package delivery, every minute counts - Using the TransSAFE, you can save valuable time. Secure your packages and pallets automatically during distribution or delivery runs.

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Individual net systems according to your wishes.

Net systems

It is our aim to develop a special solution for you when a standard securing method is not sufficient or impossible. Individual solutions according to your needs developed by us.

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Automatic cargo securing at the touch of a button

Especially in package delivery, every minute counts. A package that has shifted often takes several minutes to be found: this is time you lost. Therefore, we have introduced the Transsafe system in our online shop, which allows you to secure your load automatically. At the touch of a button in the cockpit and the loading space, a net that is attached to six beams fastened to the side walls, is lowered. It automatically stops in the ideal securing position, thus saving you valuable time. Instead of a painstaking suspension of the net over the packages and having to attach it to them yourself, you just have to press one button when you leave the cockpit, and you can rest assured that the load is ideally secured.

If you have any question about one of these systems or if you need advice about the ideal way of securing your cargo in a van, you can always contact us.