Zurrgurt Spannkontroller 50 daN Produktbild Zurrgurt Spannkontroller 50 daN Produktbild Zurrgurt Spannkontroller 50 daN Anwendungsbild Zurrgurt Spannkontroller 50 daN Anwendungsbild

Manual force measuring device tensioning control ler 50 daN

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By means of the tensioning controller, the effort at the tensioning lever of the ratchet is reduced by
ca. 65% and ensures the required manual force (SH) of
50daN by help of its tangible and audible trigger signal.
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Technical properties
rail system N/A
Breaking force in daN N/A
Product Description


  • Suitable for all 50 mm lashing straps with a lever span of 85 to 112 millimetres
  • Meets the regulations for cargo securing according to DIN EN 12195-2
  • Uniform and controllable application of the required manual force to the tensioning ratchet
  • The perfect solution combined with cost saving for forwarding agencies, courier services or private users
  • Due to the patented system of the belt tension controller, only around 35% of the force is needed 

Scope of delivery

  • Belt tension controller
  • Protective bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Savings of personnel costs due to less sick leaves.
  • less damage to freight and a lower insurance premium with more satisfied customers.
  • faster cargo processing due to simplified and time-saving lashing.
  • lower material costs due to less wear and tear of the lashing system.
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