TransSAFE Rack: the rack system for your van

In case of short distribution runs, the challenge often is to ensure that all the goods in the van's loading space remain accessible and that the goods be well secured. On “”, we offer you a rack system with which you can easily create a rack in the loading space. This has the advantage that both empty runs and conversion times can be reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the locking items and the nets making up this rack are very light and thus reduce the payload of your vehicle. The racks can be used flexibly with an ideal space usage, and an aisle in the middle of the loading space keeps all goods accessible.

A flexible rack is created using locking items and nets

The rack system consists of six vertical “5x7” beams that can be positioned as close to the partition wall, the rear and the middle of the vehicle as possible, and that is mounted to the ceiling and floor rails in a form-fitting way. To these beams, nets have been attached that can be freely arranged in order to achieve an ideal space usage. The net can carry loads of up to 300 daN. Finally, the load in the nets is ideally secured by securing belts. Ideally, the floor rail should be attached directly to the vehicle body by pasting or screwing it, whereas the ceiling rail is attached to the ceiling's cross bars. The rack system needs a rail track gauge of 615 mm in order to achieve an ideal rack depth in comparison to the width of the aisle. Therefore, you should keep in mind that most floor rails available ex works, are usually rather ill-suited for our system.

The rack system is available for many vehicle types

We offer you sets for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter with a wheelbase of 3665 mm and a high roof. Please contact us in person, because the system is also available for many other vehicle types. Have a look at our other system solutions in the themed worlds on “”; we also offer a van restraint system, a net system and even a system that secures your cargo fully automatically at the touch of a button. If you have any questions about the ideal way of securing your cargo, you can always contact our team of consultants via our contact form or by phone.