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Anti-slip mat and dangerous-well (eg. As for the safe transport of oiled gears or motors) made of solid rubber for EURO pallets
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Technical properties
Sliding friction coefficient* µ = 0.6
Length in mm 1.200
Width in mm 800
Thickness in mm 8
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Product Description


Anti-slip and hazardous tub made of solid rubber for EURO pallets

The brand new highlight in the European logistics market:

  • Inside Dimensions 1200 x 800 mm, 6 mm thick - peripheral edge 20 mm height, 8 mm thick
  • at all four corners reinforced edges for optimum protection against damage during loading process

SAFETY MAT as a cover for EURO pallet (anti-slip coating)

  • The top cover is slipped over the range - a clever tool for transporting valuable equipment or other loads. Bumps and shocks are absorbed. Sliding friction coefficient μ = 0.75 (friction partners Euro wooden pallet / used plywood platform).
  • Durable non-slip surface for heavy loads.
  • Ideal for trucking companies or in-house transportation industry.

SAFETY MAT as Aufliegewanne for the EURO pallet (hazardous tub)

  • If the mat is placed with the other side of a trough, it has in addition to its function as anti-slip coating also held a drip protection. Eg drums, containers, machinery, oily gears and motors can safely (lashed) and environmentally friendly transport be.
  • Safety during transport water pollutants.
  • Protecting the environment - ideal for fire departments, internal transport and shops.

Available in various rubber qualities depending on their use

  • Standard quality for normal use
  • Special models on request: e.g. lye resistant, acid resistant, resistant to other chemicals or oil resistant
  • Special use models for the food industry and other applications
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