Secure your cargo with locking beams

Cargo needs to be sufficiently secured before departure, in order to avoid damages and fines and, above all, to guarantee safety. To that end, locking beams that are attached to ceiling rails and can be shifted back and forth within the loading space, will be helpful. Thus, they are suitable to rearwardly secure sturdy cargoes of any kind. They are fixed to the ceiling and are always available on board when you need them. Therefore, this system is a true all-rounder and guarantees operational safety and longevity. For palleted beverage crates, they even are the standard solution.

Robust and light aluminium locking beams are guided by a rail

The locking beams are made of robust aluminium profiles, and are guided along the ceiling by rails. This operating mechanism is even patented. This way, the system combines the highest operational comfort with operational speed. A further advantage is that, if necessary, the locking beams can be “parked” under the ceiling. This way, they do not occupy any space in the loading area and can be used quickly, easily and ergonomically. Moreover, this specific features will be of assistance to you when loading and unloading, as the locking beams will never be in your way. A further option is the locking beams' special design, which allows you to easily remove them and put them back using a double pin.

The system has a locking power of up to 8.000 daN

This system solution guarantees high resilience due to its high locking power of up to 8.000 daN, which guarantees a high level of security, also for large loading weights. In case you need to secure your cargo temporarily, e.g. in case of a uneven number of pallets, you can quickly and easily do this using lashing straps attached to the central locking beams. We will deliver this system as a full package, which can be tailor-made in Germany for your vehicle size. This way, you can prepare any kind of robust cargo for transport. Have a look at our solutions for other cargoes as well. On “”, you will certainly find that which suits you best. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via phone or our contact form.