Securing of Cargo in a Trailer

Trailers have their own loading platform but are not self-propelled, and are therefore attached to towing vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks or lorries. Mainly trailers for passenger cars in private affairs are very popular. Often, however, people have no clue as to the safe securing of their cargo, for private persons too are required to secure their cargo in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act, the German Commercial Code and the legal guidelines of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). Accurate loading varies depending on the respective trailer model and the load securing facilities on the loading platform. There are trailers on offer with lashing rings and eyelets that can be incorporated in the interior board wall, the corner profiles or the bottom plate. With a category B driving licence, a maximum total weight of 3,5 tons may be towed, which holds for both passenger cars and trailers. When empty, the passenger car must be heavier than the trailer if the latter is heavier than 750 kg.

Securing passenger car trailers

Passenger car trailers have a maximum permitted total weight of 3,5 tons. Therefore, the equipment of the latter with lashing points is not mandatory according to European standards. However, the accident prevention regulations of the German trade association BGV require commercially exploited low-loaders and platform vehicles to be fitted with anchoring points for lashing equipment. To be sure, this is not specifically prescribed for trailers, but it certainly is advisable to also fit smaller trailers with four lashing points. Particularly well suited as lashing points are the corners of the trailer's bottom plate. Cargo securing on the loading platform of a trailer basically does not differ from that of a towing vehicle: if, in the case of transporting a load, there is a risk for the load to move around in a dangerous way or even to fall off the vehicle, the latter needs to be secured accordingly. An even and form-fitting distribution of the goods must be heeded, and the main weight needs to lie across the axis. It is also helpful to use a car trailer net, which can be stretched over the total load. This can be bought on “” in a range of versions, e.g. with coarse and fine meshes. 

Securing truck and lorry trailers

Trailers are also part of the commercial vehicles category, and their cargo must therefore be secured exactly as in the case of a towing truck or a towing lorry, as the same forces can affect the load. Therefore, also refer to the general regulations for cargo securing in case truck or lorry trailers are being used. If you have any questions about the best way to secure your cargo, we are always willing to provide you with advice, and to work out a solution to your problem with you.