Bumper buffer MT "Protect" mounted on steel girder Bumper buffer MT Protect - example of use

Shelf bumper buffer MT "Protect"

SKU: 150-23060000
Ideal safety and perfect protection suitable for shelves of almost any brand. Costs of a fraction of the repair or new purchase of a shelf! Even slight damage can reduce the load capacity of shelves.
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Technical properties
Material Polyethylen (HDPE)
rail system N/A
Height in mm 600
Product Description


  • Made of high-quality polyethylene (HDPE)
  • For shelf supports of a width of 70-87 mm
  • Visible in signal yellow
  • Due to it high shock absorption the shelf bumper buffer absorbs an impact force of up to 2.4 tons
  • Tested according to European and international standards 
  • It does not need to be removed when pallets are taken out of the shelf
  • In most cases, it prevents serious accidents and reduces repair costs.
  • No damage of the ground in case of an impact as no fastening to the floor is required.
  • Elastic, resilient, dimensionally stable.  
  • Slim European design     
  • Temperature-resistant up to -40°C
  • Non-toxic and fully recyclable
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