Special superstructures

Depending on the intended purpose, there are various superstructures, divided into universally applicable standard superstructures and special superstructures for special types of goods. Standard superstructures are, for example, platform trailer bodies or closed boxes, the loading surface of which is fully enclosed by solid walls. Closed boxes are box bodies or cooling vans e.g. For special goods, special superstructures are best suited, as in the case of piece goods transport with beverage crates. However, depending on the kind of goods, every company has its own requirements for cargo securing and transport optimisation. For that reason, it may happen that there is no system solution in place yet, so it may be advisable to have a special development team manufacture a special construction.

System partition wall for box bodies

System partition wall

Allows you to spread the axle weight more efficiently. Because spreading the axle weight is one thing, the real situation on the loading surface is another. With our system you can spread your vehicle's axle weight much more efficiently.

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Optimize your weight distribution by a partition  

Distributing the axle weight of a truck or van is very important, both for stability and for safety reasons. An axle weight distribution plan will help you distribute the load but in reality, it often comes short. In the hustle and bustle of the loading process, it will often happen that only the most experienced employees are able to keep an eye on the axle weight as well. One of the consequences can be a fine for improper loading. To avoid this problem, we offer you a system partition wall on “Ladungssicherung.eu”, which was especially developed to allow you to comply with the maximum axle weight. It helps you solve axle weight problems, as it effectively distributes it, regardless of the load's weight and size. It is ideally suited for swap bodies with a payload of up to 10 tons. Another advantage is that the wall can be mounted quickly and that it does not impair the storage space when in its resting position. Is distinguishes itself by its easy operability: no tools are needed to shift the wall or to retrofit it whenever this is necessary.

Checklist for optimum weight distribution

In our cargo securing grid on “LasiProfi.de”, you will find a check list summarising the recurring points that you´ll be faced with every time you need to distribute a vehicle´s axle weight. The list is there to help all persons charged to assess the axle weight distribution. For instance, it points to conspicuities, such as a sagging suspension, a grinding wheel cover or bulging tyres, because these issues can be indicators of a wrongly distributed load or of an overload. Other important points are the assessment of the loading surface, the lashing points and the lashing materials. Finally, the vehicle superstructures are also decisive, because depending on whether it is a platform trailer body, a closed box or a tarpaulin vehicle, loading will be different.