MT Onlineshop GmbH sponsors BTU Motorsport

The Technical University of Brandenburg (BTU) in Cottbus has a motor club called BTU Motorsport e.V. The students of this club have been developing new racing cars since 2007 and compete with more than 70 other international team in the so-called Formula Student. The club members are all BTU students from technical and business programmes. Formula Student is an international design competition that is hosted every year and in which students have to convince the jury with the overall concept of their racing car, or its implementation from engineering and an economical point of view, and to win the final race. We sponsor the Cottbus club and have contributed to the testing phase of the new BTU-5 Pylone racing car. 

The new BTU-4 racing car

All students in the club are studying at the Cottbus University in the programmes Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Business Engineering, Business Administration, E-Commerce, Architecture and Media Technology. Depending on their individual programme, they are responsible for technical development, design, marketing, financing or media technology. This diversity of competences is used to constantly improve the racing cars' development. The students are now further developing their previous racing car´s concepts and strengths. For instance, an especially developed subfloor is being installed in the BTU-5. This leads to new peaks in aerodynamics and handling. A new Kawasaki two-cylinder motor, combined with a variable cam gear and a constructed crank shaft, is to produce top performances by the 85 PS.

We would like to wish the BTU Motorsport team a successful testing phase and lots of luck in the upcoming Formula Student competitions in 2015!

The Formula Student design contest, with more than 70 newly developed racing cars from all over the world.

In the Formula Student design contest, student teams from all over the world compete witch each other once a year to present their newly developed racing cars. It is important both to convince the jury in the technical and business disciplines and to cross the finish line first in the final race. 
A maximum of 1000 points are awarded for the overall concept of cars in eight disciplines, among which are Acceleration, Fuel Consumption and Driving Performance. The racing car's design and business plan are also important. All of the cars' qualities are tested on a course and on a circuit. In 2015, the BTU Motorsport team would like to compete once again with its international competitors. We will be happy to support the development of the new racing car BTU-6 in the future.