System partition wall for closed boxes

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the ideal way of spreading the load over the loading surface is often very difficult to find. Often only the most experienced employees are able to keep an eye on the axle weight as well. One of the consequences can be a fine for improper loading. And the risk of accidents will also be higher. The system partition wall presented here was especially developed to allow you not to exceed the maximum permissible axle weight. It helps you effectively spread the axle weight, regardless of the load's weight and size.

The system will be ready to be used within 30 minutes

Thanks to the installations aids, you can very quickly mount the whole system and prepare it for use. It only takes half an hour to be able to use it and spread any vehicle´s axle weight more effectively. And handling during installation is simple and quick as well, because it does not require any additional tools. Extra-large holes in the wall guarantee a simple operation of the locking fittings. If it happens that you do not need the partition wall, you can easily slide it into its parking position. The system partition wall consists of a very robust aluminium base frame and is attached to four guide rails. The movement path depends on the length of the rails and the perforated grid, and is about 1 m long. The system partition wall has a smooth surface that allows sensitive packages to be safely transported without damaging them.

Ideally suited for swap bodies with a payload of up to 10 tons

This system partition wall can be effectively used for swap bodies with a payload of up to 10 tons. Another advantage is that it can be retrofitted at any time. Via height-adjustable slide-in modules, the partition wall can be precisely moved in position in the guide rails. This keeps the shifting force low. In our shop, we offer you a large number of system solutions for box and tarpaulin vehicles and for vans as well as individually manufactured systems for special superstructures. Because some companies transport very special products that require a tailored solution. Contact us via our contact form or ask us on the phone. We will be happy to be of assistance, to advise you and to find a solution for your cargo securing challenge with you.