Tested products

Arrive safely – with the tested products from the LasiProfi online shop

Safety is our trade. And it is our task to ensure that people, animals and cargoes safely get from A to B. To guarantee this, all products on offer in our Lasiprofi online shop, have been thoroughly tested by the respective institutions. Only that which passes the tests can, in good conscience, be put into our shopping cart.
You can rest assured that the products we put on offer, meet all requirements to safely transport your cargo. That is why we can proudly look on a series of satisfied customers. Whether in the industrial world, in the transport business, in building or in the private sphere – with products from the LasiProfi online shop your cargo will arrive safely.

Our products are tested for you by selected entities

All measures and items available in our shop, going from clamping bars via lashing belts to hoisting belts, not only come with extensive quality checks but have also been tested on their quality and their compliance with regulations of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) by various companies, such as DEKRA, Tul-Log or Fraunhofer IML. The employees of the Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik [Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics] deal with questions about these two essential topics in transport day in day out. Not only do they test all means of transport on their safety, but they also work out new solutions and optimization proposals with their customers in logistical and other matters. Other parties contributing with their tests to the safety on the German roads are the 3G Kompetenzzentrum für Ladungssicherung [3G European Cargo Securing Competence Centre] from Fulda, DEKRA and Tul-Log.

Quality and Safety from the LasiProfi online shop

You see: with more than 1.500 products from the LasiProfi online shop, you are on the safe side in any case. We have set out to only put products on offer that ensure a high level of quality and safety. If you still have any questions, our specialist team will be happy to offer you advice and assistance.