The themed worlds of logistics and cargo securing

The requirements for logistics and cargo securing systems have to be adjusted, depending on the types and groups of vehicles. One thing, however, cannot be dismissed: the logistical requirements and requirements for the use of innovative cargo transportation systems are on the rise. In logistics, space means time, and time is money. And the safety requirements and tighter rules for cargo securing lead to more and more complex systems. Whatever it is that you need to transport in your vans, box trucks, tarpaulin lorries or trailers, there is a suitable system for everything and for each type of vehicle.

Themed worlds

Themed worlds for logistics challenges in vans

Logistics in vans

Constantly increasing logistics challenges for vans and new problem-solving approaches with innovative transport systems for various loading goods can be found here.

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Themed world for cargo securing in trailers


Themed world for cargo securing in trailers Individual solutions for cargo securing in trailers and securing bulky loads can be found here.

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Logistics in box vehicles – Themed world

Box vehicle

Logistics in box vehicles – Themed world Special systems for cargo securing or space optimisation in box vehicles. Certified security – Security for you!

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Logistics in tarpaulin vans – Themed world

Tarpaulin van

In the modern logistics chain, tarpaulin vans are among the most popular means of transport. Universally applicable for various cargoes. We always have the right thing for you!

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Logistics with special superstructures – Themed world

Special superstructure

Our custom-made cargo securing and transport optimization systems. You haven't found the right solution elsewhere? Your wish is our command!

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Container transport according to your wishes


In case of container transports, we are there for you with our know-how and our network. Cargo securing for container transport can be found here!

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Custom manufacturing

Custom manufacturing precisely as you wish. Rubber pads, lashing straps, anti-skid mats and much more can be found here or discussed with our consultants.

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Cargo securing in vans  

Distribution transport is a typical example of the use of vans. Vans are mainly used for short distances with many stops, as they are very flexible and easy to handle. Depending on which kind of load is to be transported, it is important to select the right system. A van restraint system, consisting of light locking beams and rails in the vehicle's floor and ceiling, is a flexible “conversion artist”, and can be quickly assembled and disassembles. If free access to all goods is needed, the TransSAFE® rack system will help you create a rack in your vehicle in a matter of just a few seconds. These grid systems are cheap and offer universal and flexible protection. With TransSAFE® go, your load can even be automatically secured by a net at the touch of a button. 

Box vehicles

Box vehicles are mainly known to transport food products. Whether these are frozen goods or dry cargo, the box vehicle has changed food logistics forever. In case of sensitive cargoes, the special challenge mainly is not to damage the insulating layer by using the wrong systems. To avoid this, close cooperation is needed between cargo securing and space optimisation on the one hand, and vehicle construction on the other. The system we offer you, secures your load without damaging the vehicle walls. Using our rolling container systems, you can quickly and easily secure the goods using clamping levers that are attached to the side wall rails. Other systems offer you an additional loading level on an individually adjustable height. And with our Smart-Lock-System, you have your vertical locking beams always with you on board, and you can shift them during every partial unloading in order to adjust them to the remaining cargo. Even for clothes transport, you can convert your box vehicle into a driving wardrobe and deliver your goods crease free. Problems with the axle weight can also be avoided. The system partition wall effectively distributes the axle weight and helps you avoid exceeding the maximum permissible axle weight. 

Tarpaulin vehicles  

Tarpaulin vehicles are among the most popular means of transport in the logistics sector. A flexible adjustment of the systems to various transportation challenges is important here. The AJS system offer you hundreds of anchor points as a base for numerous securing items, such as locking beams, lashing straps or locking bars. Due to the double decker system, an additional loading level is there for you. And for tarpaulin vehicles, there is the Smart-Lock system with its adjustable vertical locking beams.
Have a look at our themed world. You will definitely find the system that suits you best. If you have any question as to the best way of securing your cargo according to your own needs, we will be happy to be of assistance if you call us via our hotline.