Trans SAFE®go Ladungssicherungnetz in verschiedenen Positionen Trans SAFE®go Inhaltsübersicht Teilladung gesichert durch Trans SAFE®go Gesicherte Kiste durch Trans SAFE®go Vollladung gesichert durch Trans SAFE®go Befestigtes Netz in Trans SAFE®go Montage in Seitenschienen eines Trans SAFE®go Trans SAFE®go Ladungssicherungsnetz in blau

Trans SAFE®go cargo safety net for Sprinter and Crafter, cargo bay length 3265 mm

SKU: 217-11151124810

Cargo safety net Trans SAFE®go for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter with wheel base of 3665 mm and a high roof with a cargo bay length of 3265 mm. The cargo securing is effected automatically, without any manual effort. This is done by an intelligent control. It navigates the safety net into the right position. Perfectly adapted to the respective cargo. Applicable from a cargo height of ca. 20 cm up to the completely filled cargo bay.

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Delivery time: ca. 2-3 weeks
Minimum order: 1 units
Advantages of the product
    • low maintenance and easy to repair
    • Fully automatic cargo safety net
    • Certified by the independent test organisation DEKRA as means for cargo securing.
    • Save time and money when loading goods and reduce your workload considerably.
    • Clear advantage: When you have leased vehicles, you can easily remove the components after expiry of the contract almost without a trace.
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Technical properties
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Material N/A
Mesh width in mm 150x150
Version Ladungssicherungsnetz
Cover N/A
Colour blue
Length in cm custom
Width in cm custom
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Product Description



  • 6 fully assembled drive holms
  • Trans SAFE®go cargo safety net out of 25mm webbing in blue
  • Central control with splashproof housing
  • 10 mounting brackets for connecting the drive holms to sidewall airline rails. (Rails not included)
  • 2 mounting brackets for mounting the drive holms at the lateral sliding door.
  • Cable harness, including the necessary interconnecting materials for the car battery.
  • DEKRA certificate as well as installation and operating instructions

Note: Specific components for the vehicle are not included in the kit. Please contact the vehicle manufacturer or your vehicle builder. We recommend you to have the installation effected by a vehicle builder or qualified personnel.

Technical data

  • Operating voltage: 12 volts with undervoltage shutdown at 11 volts
  • Operating temperature from -30° C to 80 ° C
  • Standby current of <15 mA in standby mode
  • Separately fused constant current consumption of a maximum of 30 ampere

Press the button - done: That's how concisely the operational principle of the Trans SAFE®go cargo securing net can be described. The load can be secured and released by pressing a button in the cockpit or the loading space, close to the back door or the sliding door.

Your work will be much easier: The systems control directs the drive units in accordance with your needs and switches off when the pre-tensioning forces have been reached. The lowered net can be stopped at any time and in each position by pressing the button. During longer breaks, the system automatically goes into sleep mode, so as not to put an excessive burden on the battery. Ensure a smooth and quick working process during your daily activities.

The driving bars´ separate control system precisely reacts to any given load situation. The securing net is lowered and quickly encloses the load, covering its entire surface. From now on, you won´t have to bother about any of this this anymore!

Completely variable: You will have a tight grasp of any kind of cargo

During daily distribution or delivery runs, you can be faced with any kind of load situation.

The Trans SAFE®go cargo securing net will do the work for you. Smooth logistics with the Trans SAFE®go system offers you clear advantages: the otherwise time-consuming cargo securing activities are limited to a minimum. And the risk of damaged shipments and undeliverable shipments is clearly reduced.

A peak performance: Whether your vehicle is fully loaded or contains just a few packages – thanks to the intelligent pre-tensioning detection system, every load will be secured in the right way. That means: no more damages to packages – satisfied customers. It's as simple as that!

Preconditions on board for the installation of the Trans SAFE®go cargo securing net

  • Airline rails on the inner sides
  • A wooden or plastic high capacity floor in the loading space
  • Entrance and sliding door on the right side of the vehicle
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