TransSAFE® go: fully automatic cargo securing during distribution runs at the touch of a button

When driving around to distribute packages, every second counts. That is why this kind of cargo is often pre-sorted and then stored in the loading space. And it should remain in this place during the whole run, as it should be easily accessible and immediately found when it is being distributed. On “”, we offer you a unique system that secures your cargo fully automatically. At the touch of a button, a net is lowered, it stops in the ideal securing position and guarantees that your goods remain in their place until the last delivery. With this system, a new chapter in cargo securing begins, as you leave behind painstaking ways of securing goods manually and your deliveries via courier, express and packages vehicles are facilitated.

For various loading situations and types

The system can be controlled using three buttons, one in the cockpit, one at the side door and one at the rear door. A net secures all your goods at the touch of a button. This net is attached to six beams that move up and down while attached to side wall rails, and precisely react to pre-set load situations before stopping. This way, your goods are secured covering their whole surface in a matter of just a few moments. This allows TransSAFE® go to take over your manual way of securing goods. During the time that you save, you can deliver other packages, and you will see considerably less damaged goods. Other advantages are that you don't have to look for shifted packages anymore, that the packages to be delivered and those to be collected can be ideally separated from each other, and that it doesn't matter anymore whether the loading space is completely full or not.

Enjoy the system's many advantages

The system can be easily and effortlessly mounted close to you by one of our partners, and it is compatible with prefitted side wall rails. Another advantage is that it is even suited for leased vehicle, as it can be taken down without leaving any traces when your leasing contract ends. TransSAFE® go is durable and convinces with its excellent workmanship and its high quality. Moreover, it is well suited to be integrated into most vehicle types, such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the Iveco Daily, the Volkswagen Crafter as well as many other models. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone if you have any further questions about the compatibility of your van model with the system. We will be happy to be of assistance.